Why I add this collagen in my tea every single day…

NorCal Marine collagen

Collagen is all the craze right now. Everyone is adding collagen to their coffee, tea, smoothie, soups, tonics etc to help with join paint, healthier hair, healthy skin.. you name it. I hate to admit it but I simply drink it because it makes my morning matcha latte delicious and creamy. After trying several types of collagen protein powders I have found one that is flavorless yet creamy and a whole lot of other good things about how its harvested.

If you are like me and have been searching for the best collagen protein powder, here is why you will absolutely love NorCal Marine collagen. It is nothing but 100% sustainably wild caught Norwegian Cod collagen peptides, no additives whatsoever! They also state that the product is packed and tested for heavy metals in USA GMP certified facilities. They also publish their independent lab test results on their website for all to see! I love love love this collagen and you must try it today! I buy mine on amazon but you could buy directly from their website also!